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Born in the breath taking Caribbean country Trinidad and Tobago, Jherelle Adanna Safiya Benn traveled to the United States with her family as an infant. She was unaware of the significant change in her young life that was taking place. New York was the only other home she knew. Growing up in the most populated city in the United States combined with her West Indian heritage has provided this young woman with certain advantages such as an open mind, a thirst for knowledge, and a fire like passion that drives her forward.

 While living the good ole life of a New Yorker Jherelle has taken the Staten Island ferry as a commuting college student. She has mercilessly cursed the MTA while stranded underground in the tourist flooded  financial district. Not to mention she has shoveled out a buried vehicle on a dark abandoned street of East New York Brooklyn during a typical December snow storm. Even as a Young child "Relle" (as her close friends often call her) showed extraordinary talents and an inquisitive nature that caused her to stand out from her peers. She learned to play multiple instruments including the keyboard (like her mother) and violin while also excelling in various extracurricular activities. She displayed exceptional talent as soon as she could form words. During elementary school she exercised and improved her craft by writing poetry and short stories at home and in school. Reading her stories to her classmates and teachers excited this young author the most! Jherelle even constructed, managed, and distributed her own local newspaper at the age of 11. This business generated a profit she used to buy goodies at the bodega after school.

Jherelle's acting career started when receiving a modeling contract in GA with the agency "Model Productions". From there she has appeared in various productions including performing at the College of Staten Island's punk rock version of the classic Shakespearean comedy; "A Midsummer Night's Dream". This play was nominated for the Kennedy Festival in Baltimore Maryland where Jherelle competed with her school mates against many other plays. A strong believer in versatility in her acting she also auditioned for a role as an old West Indian man in 2009. She played the wise and disgruntled Ben Weatherstaff in the Blackwell Playhouse production of "The Secret Garden". This small playhouse in Marrietta Georgia is known for it's family friendly Children's theater.

She went on to pursue her passion of poetry and exploded onto the open mic scene in both mid town
Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn.
Currently Relle is pursuing a degree in journalism and dramatic arts, working as a community organizer and spreading her words to whoever will listen. 
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Photo by Supriya Pava


  1. Well that's one beautiful and talented New Yorker to be proud of ^_^

    1. Thank you Emily! You always know how to make me smile :-)